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Here’s a hilarious take on Bollywood’s romance with rains


From seducing the hero to accentuating the heroine’s curves, the monsoon has been used as the perfect backdrop for romance and action in Bollywood. We take a lighter look at a few typical filmy wet situations

Hindi filmmakers have unabashedly displayed their love for the rain in various ways through the years. While some chose to use the downpour as the backdrop for sensual scenes, some opportunistic ones have exploited it to the fullest as the perfect excuse to show off the heroine’s curves.

Some memorable scenes, especially the intimate ones, came with thunder and storm and stay etched in our minds, while the others ended up with a sad drizzle and got promptly forgotten.

We look at seven top custom-made, typical shot-in-the-rain situations in Hindi films…

1 To show off the heroine’s body without undressing her
Situation: A sudden downpour catches the heroine in a figure-hugging chiffon saree, preferably white, by surprise. The hero gets encouraged and the heroine starts dancing.
hitlist take: The audience is left surprised as to how she wore the perfect outfit that highlighted her curves when wet, especially if she didn’t expect it to rain.

Hrithik Roshan enacted some high-octane action sequences in the pounding rain for Agneepath (2012)

2 As a prelude to a love making scene

Situation: The coy sanskari heroine wouldn’t even dream of pre-marital sex. But then she and the man she’s in love with, get caught up in the rain and run into a nearby, conveniently empty, cottage, preferably with a fireplace. The coy heroine gets alarmed by the sudden lightening and thunder and clings to the hero. They then get carried away.
hitlist take: The safest way to appease the moralists by placing the blame of this ‘scandalous’ union on the poor rain.

For the Tum Hi Ho track from Aashiqui 2, Aditya Roy Kapur (left) and Shraddha Kapoor (2013) got intimate under a jacket as it poured

3 To get the hero to fall in love with the heroine
Situation: Heroine loves the rain and as soon as it starts pouring, she starts prancing around either alone or with the street kids. The hero is enchanted with the heroine’s spontaneous perkiness and falls promptly in love with her.
hitlist take: Can you imagine any girl/woman in real life, however crazy, randomly dancing in the middle of the road just because it is, ahem, raining and she loves the rains?

Kareena Kapoor (left) and Aamir Khan romanced with brollies in the Zoobi Doobi song in 3 Idiots (2009)

4 To seduce the man
Situation: What better way to get the man’s attention than to slither and wriggle on the wet ground, with a seductive song playing in the background?
hitlist take: With potholes and puddles everywhere, it is a miracle that the woman doesn’t hurt herself. Also, she must invest in solid waterproof make up.

Shah Rukh Khan (left) and Madhuri Dixit in the Koi Ladki Hai track in Dil To Pagal Hai (1997) grow closer to each other during the downpour

5 Showing off the hero’s valour
Situation: The hero is out to take on a thug in a boxing ring or during a wrestling bout. The thrill of machismo on display is further enhanced as it rains. Ultimately, the poor opponent is destined to be beaten to fine pulp.
hitlist take: No logic in this, except perhaps the rains make it look like the hero is fighting under trying circumstances.

Anil Kapoor (left) and Sridevi in the Kaate Nahin Kat Te song from Mr India (1987). Sridevi stunned in a wet blue saree and the song became a trendsetter for erotic numbers

6 Adding to the tragedy
Situation: A crisis situation when the old person in the family is on the verge of conking off or the pregnant lady of the house is just about to pop out the baby. Just as they are being taken to hospital, it starts pouring to add to the woes of the people involved.
hitlist take: Why are hospitals so far when you need them and when the rain is playing the spoiler?

7 Festive and Mumbai
Situation: Want to show the robust Mumbai spirit? Stage Dahi Handi festival or Ganpati visarjan and add rains for effect.
hitlist take: No one’s complaining.

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