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Is it Shahid’s Revenge? Sends first wedding invite to Kareena

When it’s about something pertaining to Bollywood then how can one expect that no redundant drama or melodrama will not take place?


And if recent reports published in a new daily are to be believed then they suggest that something similar has happened just before Sasha’s marriage with his lady-love, Mira, also.

If rumors are something to go by then they suggest that the first invitation of Shahid’s much awaited wedding has gone to none other than his ex-girlfriend Kareena, who is married to Chote Nawab Saif.

Though on the hind side we can give Shahid and his kins a benefit of doubt on the grounds that, they did so because these days Shahid is working with Saif on Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon.

But in spite of that, one can’t overlook the past where this one of the most eligible bachelor of the B-town was dumped by Saif’s `Wonderful Wife`. Eventually leading to the emergence of acrimony between Saif-Kareena and Shahid. And on the basis of this version of story one has ample reasons to feel that probably by sending his wedding’s first invite to Bebo in typical “Filmy Ishtyle” even Shahid wants to make her feel that even he is no longer the same Shahid and has moved ahead in life.

On the other hand after witnessing some of the recent instances where Kareena exhibited the wish to attend Shahid’s wedding one has got ample reasons to believe that the duo has moved ahead in their respective lives and probably this wedding invite is one of their ways to put a lid on that bucket of acrimony.

Well whatever the truth is, but after hearing about this “Filmy Drama” all we would like to say is that, “whatever the intent is behind this reported act of Shahid and his kins, we just wish that at the end, this story should have a happy ending”.

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