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Sunny Leone Lashes Out At Rakhi Sawant And Celina Jaitley Over Rude Comments

Since day one, Sunny Leone has been at the receiving end of some very harsh (and sometimes unfair) criticism from within the film fraternity. Those who love her love her to death, but those who don’t,they never fail to show their displeasure.


While it cannot be disputed that Sunny has come a long way in Bollywood, her past continues to haunt her. Does the lady worry? Nope! And she always keeps it classy too.

Lately, Rakhi Sawant and Celina Jaitley have been quite vocal about how they aren’t exactly pleased with Sunny. Rakhi, known to pull of publicity stunts and say the darndest things, said that she wants Sunny to go back to wherever she came from. “Leelakogeelakardungi” was what she said when taking a dig at the EkPaheliLeelaactress.

Celina Jaitley also came to limelight when she accused Sunny and her husband Daniel Webber of messing up her penthouse, which the couple had rented. These allegations have not been proved, so we’re going to believe that Sunny is not at fault here.

When asked about these incidents at a recent event, Sunny Leone kept it very classy (as is her style). In a very dignified manner, the lady said that such comments and allegations never bother her. She termed them “baseless and useless” and went on to proclaim at while many actresses say such things, they’re never to be taken seriously.

Bravo, Sunny!

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