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Why Huma’s mother is upset with her?


Huma Qureshi has been living in her suitcase recently.

The actress has been busy travelling to stay at par with her non stop work schedule.

Since her return from IIFA, Huma has hardly found time to rest.

Huma rushed to Dubai for an event and a magazine shoot immediately after returning from Malaysia.

On her return from Dubai the actress had a brief stop in Mumbai and proceeded further to travel to London.

She is currently back in Mumbai and is busy scaling the lengths of the country to fulfill work commitments.

After completing her visit to India, Huma is set to return to London on 29th of June.

Due to her packed work schedule Huma has hardly been sleeping for 4 hours a day.

Her mother is worried and cites the same as an unhealthy lifestyle.

Her mother was upset with Huma for neglecting her health and has made Huma promise to her that she will balance work and health simultaneously.

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